What we can do for you:

SNAP4BUSINESS is a platform that enables you to add social networking functionality to your website or organisation.

We have developed SNAP4BUSINESS platform to license to large portals and end users.

We believe that social networking can be an effective business tool that enables you to capture and retain the end user within your own controlled, branded environment.

It has been developed as an answer for those who are limited by simply having a presence on websites owned by the famous brands.

Why give those famous brands the exposure and the business when you really want to capture those users for yourselves?

SNAP4BUSINESS can be used by public bodies, charities and events based name but a few, it is fully configurable and can also be customised to your exact requirements.

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If not for SNAP4BUSINESS we would not be where we are now!

- Friendship Zone.

Social Networking Application Platform for Business has been developed by close cooperation of AEP UK LTD and GLOVERSURE LTD.


Friendship Zone is a good example of how SNAP4BUSINESS can change face of your organisation.

- Gloversure Ltd.